With the aging population and the increasing demand for long-term care, there is a growing array of diverse assistive therapies catering to the elderly. JuPu Light Technology Co., Ltd. stands out by incorporating light energy waves into their range of home medical products, supported by extensive research on the mechanisms behind "9-10μm light energy waves". The company has obtained internationally recognized certifications such as ISO 13485, EU CE II, and domestic QMS Class II for their light energy wave medical equipment. Furthermore, their products have actively participated in numerous research projects involving human experiments, receiving grants from esteemed institutions like the National Science and Technology Council and the Ministry of Science and Technology. Through extensive collaboration with academic and medical communities, they have successfully conducted experiments on both humans and cells, publishing their findings in prestigious journals such as the International Journal of Radiation Biology and the Publisher in Materials Science & Engineering. As a result, their products have found wide-ranging applications in the field.

Effective physical therapy - light energy waves, is also a blessing for every elderly person. According to research, "light energy waves" refer to the energy emitted by every living organism at a specific wavelength. The human body emits photons with an energy of 9.35 μm (micrometers), and this photon energy comes from the vibration of molecular structures within the body. When external photon energy in the range of 9-10 μm comes into contact with the molecular structures of the human body, the molecular structures undergo synchronous resonance, and the two energy sources merge into one. As a result, the external energy is converted into internal energy that the body can receive and utilize.

The "non-thermal effect" of light energy waves is a particularly important effect because it can directly induce molecular resonance within the body. It is a crucial form of biophysical quantum energy that not only restores molecular structure and functionality but also improves cellular function, leading to a series of long-term and fundamental changes. JuPu Light Company operates in the healthcare industry, focusing on chronic disease prevention and supportive therapy. The main goal is to empower individuals to enhance their self-healing abilities, strengthen their immune system against pathogens, and prevent the onset of chronic diseases and conditions like hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes. Additionally, the aim is to restore the body to its natural balance as much as possible, thereby maintaining good health. As a result, an increasing number of elderly people are finding value in using JuPu Light products.

A satisfied user named Chen shared her personal experience with JuPu Light products, highlighting her dedication to overall well-being through various measures like dietary supplements and exercise. However, she emphasized that incorporating JuPu Light's light energy waves, specifically through their light energy wave heated mattress, light energy wave energy pad, and light energy wave therapy chair, has brought about significant positive changes. Not only does she feel the impact on a cellular level, but she also personally enjoys the benefits. According to her, this approach represents the optimal self-care strategy. In the past, she used to spend a substantial amount on medication every month, but she now firmly believes in the power of prevention over treatment. Consequently, not only has she embraced these products herself, but she also recommends them to her entire family, friends, and relatives. As Mother's Day approaches, she has been actively suggesting these products as gifts for others' mothers, emphasizing the importance of embarking on a journey toward a healthy life by prioritizing self-care. She highly recommends considering purchases from JuPu Light Technology Co., Ltd., ensuring the well-being and happiness of mothers and providing reassurance for the entire family.

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