• Treatment Purpose: Select the appropriate wavelength range and energy intensity based on the specific area and issue requiring treatment.
  • Treatment Duration: Control the exposure time per session and per day according to the product manual or recommendations from a healthcare professional. Avoid excessive exposure to prevent skin burns or other side effects.
  • Treatment Distance: Adjust the distance between the device and the skin as per the product manual or healthcare professional's advice to achieve optimal therapeutic results.
  • Treatment Frequency: Modify the frequency of exposure per week or month based on individual conditions and responses, aiming for the best therapeutic outcomes.
  • Treatment Safety: Choose products that comply with national standards and regulations, ensuring quality and warranty. Before use, carefully read the product manual and follow guidelines provided by healthcare professionals. During use, avoid direct exposure to sensitive areas such as eyes, heart, and head, and prevent interference with other electronic devices or metal items. After use, turn off the power and store the product properly.

Infrared therapy, including far-infrared, is an effective and safe physical treatment method. When correctly selected and used, infrared therapy devices can provide various health benefits.