Copper Fiber Mask
Product Description

Copper Fiber Masks are made from a special fabric woven with Japanese copper fibers, making it one of the most innovative products in Japanese technology. The copper fibers release copper ions, which provide powerful antibacterial effects. The special bamboo charcoal fabric eliminates odors from exhaled breath and allows for heat dissipation and ventilation.


Copper ions provide excellent antibacterial properties.

Bamboo charcoal fabric offers good deodorizing capabilities.

Effective dust and stain resistance provide peace of mind.

The fabric's special porous structure allows for good breathability.


Copper ions

The copper ion functional fabric used in this mask is woven with imported copper fibers treated with special technology from Japan. Due to the fine nature of the copper fibers (0.03mm), they can release copper ions for antibacterial purposes.
Copper has been a natural blessing, and even in ancient Egypt, copper pots were used to maintain clean water quality. It is one of the safe and effective antibacterial methods for the human body.


3D Cutting

  • Provides a better fit to the face.
  • Conforms to ergonomic principles.

Extended Design Under the Chin

  • For better coverage.
  • Ensures a secure fit and minimizes shifting.

Adjustable Nose Bridge Strip

  • Comfortable and highly malleable, allowing for bending and shaping.
  • Prevents fogging of glasses.

Adjustable Elastic Band

  • Equipped with rubber adjusters for easy customization.
  • Simple, stylish, comfortable, and convenient.

Product Highlights

  1. Releases conductive particles to prevent the spread, replication, and infection of bacteria.
  2. Offers antibacterial, deodorizing, dustproof, and stain-resistant effects.
  3. Can be reused for 180 days, requiring cleaning every 3 to 7 days.


  1. Specifications: Men's version / Women's version / Children's version
  2. Adult version colors: Dark green / Purple / Orange / Bright green / Red
  3. Children's version colors: Green / Pink / Gray