Copper Ions Mini Water Purifier
Product Description

The Mini Water Purifier utilizes special copper fibers manufactured in Japan, which are even finer than hair (0.03 micrometers). The copper fibers release copper ions, and the powerful antibacterial function of copper ions can inhibit the activity of bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, and Vibrio parahaemolyticus in water. Through special treatment, the copper fibers release conductive particles that chemically react with water to achieve antibacterial effects, prevent water odor, and rapidly remove chlorine, providing you with clean water.

1. Powerful antibacterial capability: The abundant release of copper ions can immediately suppress the activity of infectious bacteria.
2. Rapid chlorine removal: Copper ions can remove chlorine from water within 1 to 3 minutes.


Copper Fiber Water Purifier

Make your water safe for drinking with simple water purification

Release of Conductive Particles

Interference Replication

Improvement of Water Quality

Prevention of Virus Transmission

Infection Prevention

Rapid Chlorine Removal

Colonic Antibacterial Test

0 hour

  • proimages/products/02/02_02.jpg

    Experimental group: Copper ions

  • proimages/products/02/02_03.jpg

    Control group: Penicillin

120 hours

  • proimages/products/02/02_04.jpg

    Experimental group: Copper ions

  • proimages/products/02/02_05.jpg

    Control group: Penicillin

In a 120-hour antibacterial experiment, it was demonstrated that the Mini Water Purifier exhibited better ability to inhibit bacterial growth compared to penicillin. The antibacterial zone assessment showed a larger inhibition zone for the Mini Water Purifier, indicating its superior ability to prevent bacterial growth through the action of free radicals, surpassing the bioactive antibacterial properties of penicillin.

You can obtain clean drinking water from a 2-liter water source by letting it settle for 2 hours.

  • proimages/products/02/02_07.jpg

    Outdoor stream water.

  • proimages/products/02/02_06.jpg

    After a natural disaster.

  • proimages/products/02/02_08.jpg

    Long-term lack of clean water quality.

  • proimages/products/02/02_09.jpg

    Without proper water treatment.

Product Highlights

  1. Release of conductive particles.
  2. Interference replication.
  3. Improvement of water quality.
  4. Prevention of virus transmission.
  5. Infection prevention.
  6. Rapid chlorine removal.